Kid Friendly Activities

As an educator and a mommy, I am always looking for new ideas to keep my kids entertained.  As well, bring out some olds ones from the good old teaching days to use on them as well. I recently shared some of my activities with other moms at my daughter's preschool as a parent workshop.  I was so shocked they asked me but thought it was something excited and new for me.  I put together a "Rainy Day Box" with fun activities that you can find in your home!  Really it was a great excuse to get all my old teach tools out of the boxes, get organized, and be creative.  I guitly of letting my big girl watch t.v while little brother is napping and I am cleaning, doing laundry, or just sitting (for a few seconds).  But I know at the same time, she needs to be busy doing other educational fun activities that isnt taught on t.v. 

I hope to keep yall updated with new stuff as I try them out but if you would like a copy of the activities that I have already put together, let me know! Just send me an email. 

After putting these activities together, I realized that it doesnt have to be raining! But it is nice to have a box full of great ideas when all the toys are boring and your child is right at your ankles asking you play while you are trying to clean!  So get your self a plastic box and start collecting fun things to keep your children entertained.

Homemade Crayons

(already in the packet I  put together but here are pictures)

1. preheat oven at 150 degrees F.
2. Gather your old crayons.
3. Remove the wrappers.
4. Sort crayons by color.
5. Place into plastic bags and crush into small pieces
6. Place back into cotainers by colors.
7. Allow your child to create their crayons into the muffin tins
8. "Cook" for 20 mins or till completely melted.
If they are hard to get out, place into freezer for an hour and then pop out.